Women and girls are missing out on the lifelong benefits of sport. We want to change this, now, for every woman and girl in the UK. We intend to achieve this by improving women’s access to sport and activity by identifying the triggers for falling out of sport, challenging gender stereotypes and supporting the sports sector to reframe sport and physical activity, making it more relevant to women and girls. We achieve this through our 5 aims; 1. Help to ensure that girls stay engaged with sport and physical activity at the times when they are most at risk of losing interest – through primary school and through the transition to adulthood. 2. Harness the opportunity that menopause offers to encourage women to take physical activity into the next stage of their lives 3. Change the culture of sport so that sexism and discrimination become a thing of the past 4. Diversify and increase income to enable us to do more for women and girls. 5. Constantly improve our governance to ensure we are the most trusted charity in the sector for women, girls and our partners

Women in Sport (WIS) is a research-led charity with a vision of a society where women and men have equal opportunities. We have built a reputation as the leading UK organisation providing expert research into and advice about, women and girl’s experiences and relationships with sport and physical activity and played a significant role in changing the sporting landscape.

A significant gender gap exists in sports participation, 1.6 million women in England are inactive, 845,000 more ... Más información

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