Help students get a decent school lunch! We want to make sure more kids can enjoy a decent school lunch every day. Approximately 25 million kids at public schools do NOT qualify for a free lunch. Kids with unpaid school lunch balances get a lousy cheese sandwich for lunch or they go without a meal in many cases, particularly the older kids. And 70% of school districts have significant unpaid school lunch balances. That's a lot of kids! That is why we founded School Lunch Fairy. We raise funds to setup emergency lunch funds at public schools across the nation so if a student does not have money that day our fund pays for their meal. We prefer to set up emergency lunch funds instead of paying down lunch debt. Unlike other fundraisers addressing this issue, we operate at a national level.

We have already donated to 26 school districts in 11 states (CA, GA, FL, IA, IN, MO, NJ, OK, PA, SC, WA). But why stop there, right? We are on a mission to help kids in every state of the country.

Join our cause and help us take a big bite out of school hunger.

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We are grateful to our generous donors for stepping up to fight against school hunger. Thank you for your kindness!

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