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Using citizen science and Microsoft AI to understand and protect wild species


Images and video from tourism are becoming the most abundant and inexpensive sources of wildlife data. Unfortunately, the collection and management of wildlife imagery and metadata lacks long-term data curation or collaboration across borders and regions. 

Combining these massive data sets of "citizen science" with artificial intelligence, however, can enable scientists and conservationists to better and more quickly understand the lives of animals under threat, share their stories, and take the right kinds of actions to protect them. 

Wild Me, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on wildlife conservation, is uniquely comprised of IT professionals and computer scientists, advised by preeminent wildlife biologists. Wild Me’s experience providing advanced technology to a diverse array of wildlife studies and organizations falls into the technology category (artificial intelligence + computer vision) that the New York Times calls the “next big thing” for Silicon Valley. 

Their open source Wildbook platform brings a wealth of new technology to combat extinction with projects such as the Internet of Turtles, where citizen scientists can report sea turtle encounters and contribute to efforts to monitor and inform effective conservation managment efforts. 

Other successful projects include the Wildbook for Whale Sharks: and MantaMatcher, the Wildbook for Mantas: 

Learn more about how Wild Me is fighting extinction with Microsoft AI in the video below. Thank you for joining Microsoft News in supporting the work of this organization.  

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