Feeding America Responds To COVID-19


With our nation in the grips of COVID-19, we are meeting increased needs of today while preparing for continued challenges in the weeks and months to come. The situation is changing rapidly, but our best prediction is that the continued spread of the novel coronavirus and resulting responses to stop its spread will result in at least a 25 percent increase in demand above the 5.3 billion pounds of food distributed by our network last year. Over a 12-week period, that translates to just over $302 million worth of additional food.

We are working hard to reach everyone in need. You can help.

To help support and prepare our food banks to respond to the need in their communities, Feeding America has launched a COVID-19 Response Fund. We have seeded the fund with $2.65 million. Funds will be directed to the areas of greatest need, including measures such as: a) creating and distributing staged food boxes in the most vulnerable areas of our country; and, b) providing emergency funding to food banks incurring incremental costs to meet community needs.

Ask your friends and family to donate too. Small amounts add up quickly and can provide much needed relief. $1 helps provide at least 10 meals through the Feeding America network of food banks.

How Donations Work

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